Du-rag, Switchblade, Butterfly knife *ARTIST PROOF*

Du-rag, Switchblade, Butterfly knife *ARTIST PROOF*

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Cyanotype on paper.
24" x 36"

*Artist's Proof* - This is the artist's first print of this edition consisting of only four prints from this series.  The other three are privately collected. No other prints this size will be made in the future.

1 of 1 handmade cyanotype on Rives BKF white 250lb coldpress printmaking paper. Colors included are a mixture of indigos from the cyanotype process and chemistry. This cyanotype series comes from the artist using found objects from the artist's home.  This piece uses a du-rag, butterfly knife, and switchblade to create the figure.

Cyanotypes are an alternative photographic process where light-sensitive salts react to UV exposure and create an imprint or shadow of the objects that cover the medium where the chemistry was applied.  The artist has been creating these pieces every summer for over ten years.