Yves' 2022/23 Visual Arts & Film Grants List

Yves' 2022/23 Visual Arts & Film Grants List

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Besides providing a way to raise money for creative projects, applying for a grant is great way to have your work seen by other artists and exercise putting into words what you're looking to create. Over the course of your career you'll be asked to pitch your ideas, mission, and proposed method of execution when being considered for a grant, exhibition and even representation. With that in mind there are a few things to remember when applying:

1. Do your research. 

Is this grant and the organization offering it a good fit for you and your work? Research the organizations goals, mission, and artists they have worked with in the past. Do they align with your work and values? Do they have upcoming information sessions in person or online?

2. Plan your application.

Having your bio, CV, and artist statement finalized well in advance of the deadline will make it easier to adjust as your proposal takes shape. 

3. Setup a budget.

Knowing how much materials, time, and expert assistance may cost will help you in discussing the budget and if the grant needs supplementation or in-kind donations to help actualize your piece.

4. Lastly, be considerate to those viewing your work. They're artists as well!

Best of luck and if you feel like this may help other artists you know pass it along.